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2005 Rainbow Gathering (Panama)

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2005 Rainbow Gathering (Panama)

Published 2005

2005 Rainbow Panama:

This collection contains music from the 2005 Rainbow Gathering of the Tribes in Panama. Tenali has been recording music at Rainbow Gatherings for the past several years, and has been releasing "Rainbow Family Circus & Tribal Zoo" CDs of his work. He sent me a copy of this CD so that I could endcode it on the computer and publish it via the Internet Archive. This music is provided to you for free in loving kindness. Please feel free to redistribute this music non-commercially. And if you do, be so kind as to give full attribution to those who came before you for their kind efforts.


Rainbow Family Circus & Tribal Zoo - Panama 2005

01 - Mambo Del Machaui - Pedalus
02 - Pilando Arroz - Nico y Fidel
03 - Vikunati - Pedalus
04 - Cosas Bellas - Danjhel
05 - Misica Tipica - Bajo Mendez
06 - De Lo Que Tenemos - Fantuzzi
07 - Manganga - Laura
08 - Santu Paulu - Alan
09 - Sin Limite - Fantuzzi y Todos
10 - Aria Caddhripulita - Alan
11 - Wayayayl - Pedalus
12 - Esfera De Amor - Olimpo
13 - Ojos Azules - Pedalus
14 - Estrella Fugas - Fantuzzi
15 - A Tratti - Alan
16 - Cicio Lunar - Danjhel
17 - Gracias Por Esta Vida - Fantuzzi

Included files:

2005_Rainbow_Panama.MD5 - MD5 Checksums (text file)
2005_Rainbow_Panama.txt - This file!
2005_Rainbow_Panama.ffp - FLAC Fingerprints (text file)
2005_Rainbow_Panama-CD_Cover.jpg - JPEG picture of CD cover
2005_Rainbow_Panama-CD_Back.jpg - JPEG picture of CD back

All the music was encoded to .flac files directly from the CDs Tenali sent to me. I used Sound Juicer 2.10.1 (Linux), which output the FLAC files using 16-bit encoding. I used the Reference FLAC Player v1.1.1 plug-in for XMMS (v1.2.10) both to test the files for playability and to edit the meta-data.

If you have MP3 or OGG versions of these files (both lossy formats), but would like the FLAC versions (lossless), you can find them at

If anyone cares to take the time to write out lyrics for these songs (with or without translations), I will be happy to update the collection to include them in a text file.

Thank you to all the performers for your beautiful music, and for allowing Tenali to record and share it. Thank you Tenali for all you hard work in recording and producing the music, and for sending me the CDs so that I could pass it on to the digital realm. Thank you Rob Savoye for all your help and guidance, and also for providing the digital scans of the CD covers. Thank you everyone at the Internet Archive for all your hard work in providing a digital home for this music and so much more.

Questions, Comments, and Corrections:

Lovin' you,


Tenali just emailed me some track notes for you all. Sorry they don't appear in the text file (yet)... I didn't have them until after I posted the files. I'd have to re-upload the entire album to make the change (bummer). Anyway, here are Tenali's notes:

...panama notes...
TRACK 1-- There was a few fields of rice growing near
the site and the local farmers brought several
enormous sacks for us to use. And so this is a
recording of a very smiley and rhythmic Nico and Fidel
mixing the rice to peel the outer casing off the rice.
If you listen carefully you can also hear people
working in the kitchen in the background.

TRACKS 2,7,11 & 13-- These beautiful songs were
performed by a family from Colombia who came to the
rainbow by bicycle. They have been travelling south
America for several years playing and performing in
the streets and schools spreading the message of peace
and love. For me these songs make me melt in pure

TRACKS 3 & 16-- Perfomed by Danjhel from Panama. Both
these songs were recorded late at night sitting near
the kitchen fire. The insects in the background with
the guitar and vocal is simply gorgeous.

TRACK 4-- The local farming community of Bajo Mendez
typically brought food and instruments each sunday to
the gathering. These were awesome cultural exchanges
which made some very fun afternoons and evenings. This
song was performed by the locals and it was
recorded around the main circle fire with some festive

TRACKS 5,9,14 & 17-- These songs are from long time
rainbow Fantuzzi. Normally he is very dificult to
record as he is dancing and bouncing around as he
performs. However the songs 5,14 & 17 were recorded
late at night with several of us sitting near the main
circle fire with a very intimate and tranquil vibe.
song 9 was recorded during a sing along and drum
session around the fire.

TRACKS 6 & 12-- These drum tracks are from Olimpo who
left his homeland of Panama to study percussion in
Cuba. He lives and breathes rhythm and you can feel

TRACKS 8,10 & 15-- Performed by the very energetic
Alan from Italy. At night he was getting everyone
singing and dancing, and by day he was focalizing the
many food supply runs into the local town of Boquete.
Song 10 is a personal recording favorite of mine. It
was Alans last night at the rainbow and as he played
the song he moved and swayed around the fire with most
of the gathering behind him swaying and dancing behind
him in choregraphed rhythm. It was a fun, magical and
challenging recording moment and one in which I will
never forget.

Label / Recorded by Tenali


The rainbow family of living light is said to be made up of tribes and families and people from all walks coming home together as one human family gathering together on the land. A rainbow gathering is different for every one. You may find people actively creating postive commuity with one another, learning and teaching ways we can live in harmony with nature, our mother earth, and each other. And celebrating life together. There is no formal organization or leadership. It is felt by many to be contrary to the spirit of the gatherings. It is said that any one with a belly button may consider themselves part of the rainbow family, and that even a belly button is not really needed. We are all welcome home as one family.

There have been gatherings called Rainbow Gatherings since at least 1972, and there has been at least one large gathering of the tribes every year in the US on public land around the 4th of July since then. Many gather then to pray for peace and healing in the world. There are also gatherings in many parts of the world, in different countries and continents, and even world gatherings. There are many local and regional gatherings throughout the year. Some are timed with solstice or equinox or other special times and seasons.

It may be that there have been gatherings before or since the "first" rainbow gathering in 1972 that may not have called themselves rainbow gatherings but were of the same spirit. The gatherings are called rainbow because they are for all the peoples of the earth, from many families, tribes, and nations. Some say that the Hopi people native to North America tell a vision of a time when mother earth, the land, air, waters, and creatures of all kinds, were sick with poisons and ill treatment by people. The children of the white races, or more specifically the people who lived the cultures of those who displaced the native peoples of the Americas (not just caucasions) would grow their hair long, wear beads, and come together with the children of all the nations to heal the earth.

Intentional community, respect for indigenous peoples and culture, ecology, and spirituality are common themes with peoples of the rainbow.


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My web site has changed. To view track notes, album covers, etc from over ten years of rainbow field recordings then go to
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